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After receiving over 10,000 donations, I recently launched a new, upgraded, and more powerful Enneagram test.

So I encourage you to take the new test. There are two versions available, though I strongly recommend the Full SEED for the best accuracy.

Make your choice below.πŸ‘‡ Choose wisely. πŸ˜‰

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Two Enneagram Tests Available.
Choose Your Own Adventure. πŸš€

The Full SEED

For the fastest, most accurate results.

About this Test:

We wrote over 400 questions and tested them with over 100 people. We chose the most accurate questions to put in this Full SEED test.

What you get:
  • Receive your scores for all 9 types.
  • We figure everything out for you:

βœ… Your Core Type

βœ… Your Wing

βœ… Your Tri-Type

  • Comes with free email support.
  • Volume discounts available.

The Lite SEED

Costs you nothing–but you do the hard work.

  • Receive your top 3 highest scoring types.
  • You have to figure everything out yourself:

❌ Your Core Type

❌ Your Wing

❌ Your Tri-Type

  • No support available.
About this Test:

There are fewer questions and the test is less accurate. If you want the greatest accuracy and better overall detailed results, take the FULL Seed.