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You're looking for an accurate enneagram test that will help you tap into the wisdom and power of the Enneagram to understand yourself better than you ever have before.

You want to understand what's holding you back in your life, in your career, in your family, and in your relationships.

Why you feel afraid, ashamed, angry, or frustrated.

Learning your Enneagram type will reveal all that *fast*.

Just like it did for the 5 million people that were standing on this very spot before you.

The first step is to take my Enneagram test below. 👇

I'll show you exactly what to do after that.

See you on the other side. 😉

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Before you begin the Enneagram Test, here are some quick (and important) instructions:

• Put aside 5-15 minutes to take the test.

• For each question, select which statement that has been true MOST OF YOUR LIFE (before you experienced any growth).

• Try not to over-analyze the questions or think of "exceptions to the rule."

• Be spontaneous — choose the statement that comes closest to the way you've been most of the time, most of your life.

• You may skip questions that really do not apply to you — but do not skip questions simply because they are hard to answer.

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What People Are Saying About This Enneagram Test

The was the best Enneagram test I have encountered so far, and I tried them all–multiple times. The questions were clear. The answers to the questions came to mind easily. I had no expectations, but the test delivered: the results corresponded exactly to what I had discovered about myself after many years of intensive study of the Enneagram and much introspection. Great tool really!

François BL

François BL

Enneagram Enthusiast

This is definitely the best, most accurate test I’ve taken. It discovered my tri-type when no other test could.

Mary Lydia West

Mary Lydia West

Enneagram Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn my Enneagram type?

Learning your type can be a challenge. This is because there are so many flawed understandings of the types. The best way to learn your Enneagram type is to start with our personality test above and then explore the different types that we suggest to you. You can also read about the many different ways of discovering your Enneagram type.

Is this Enneagram personality test free?

Yes, this is a free enneagram test, and we also offer a paid enneagram test with greater accuracy and more information about your type, including your wings and tritype.

Will this Enneagram Test tell me my wings?

Yes, you can learn your Enneagram type with wing with our tests. The free test will give you your top three scores, and one of those scores might be your wing. However, we encourage you to take the full test, which is much more accurate tells you your Enneagram type with wing.

Is there an Enneagram test for kids?

No. While determing a child's Enneagram type can have value in understanding them, it is controversial because of the risk of mistyping them. Getting their type wrong can lead to improper parenting.

Will this Enneagram Test tell me my tri-type?

Yes, the full version of our test will tell you your Enneagram tritype (your type in each of the three centers: mind, heart, body). Our free test will give you your top 3 scores, which may be your tritype (but we encourage you to take the full test for the best accurancy).

Can I have more than one Enneagram type?

Yes, everyone has more than one Enneagram type (including wings, tritype, and instincts or instinctual stacking). You can read more in our article on having more than one Enneagram type.

What makes this the best Enneagram test?

Most Enneagram tests are based on outdated and mistaken understandings of the Enneagram types, so their results aren't accurate (including Truity and Eclectic Energies). The RHETI (Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator from the Enneagram Institute) hasn't been updated in over 15 years. Our Enneagram test is based on the most up-to-date understanding of the Enneagram types, and therefore is the most accurate.

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