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Enneagram Type 8: The Force • Challenger • Protector

Enneagram Type 8: The Force • Challenger • Protector

Enneagram Type 8

The Force • Challenger • Protector

If you're a Type 8, you are always forcing your will onto your environment.

You feel invulnerable, expansive, and powerful as you unapologetically pursue your self-interest.

And if anyone challenges you or tries to hurt you, you get bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER.

This is because, deep down, you're afraid of being bested, beaten, taken advantage of, or dominated. You always have to stay in control.

This means never being vulnerable. In fact, you deny your vulnerabilities. Asking for helping is weakness.

You always want to grow your power, and you're keenly aware of threats to that power. In fact, you often see them where they don't even exist.

You have a huge appetite for life and for the pleasures of the senses.

And nobody better get in your way.

Your explosions are quick and powerful.

And you have a taste for revenge.

So others learn not to mess with you.

But you also tend to break things...

...and hurt innocent people in the process.

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